The following is a list of locations that have appeared in throughout The Harmony Saga of the PokemonRPG.

Major Cities Edit

A major city is counted as a city that is home to a Pokemon Gym or city of similar size.

The following is a list of major cities visited by Ruby and her friends:

  • Viridian City
  • Pewter City
  • Cerulean City
  • Vermillion City
  • Celadon City
  • Saffron City
  • Fuchsia City
  • Cinnabar Island

Towns & Cities Edit

The following is a list of the other towns or cities Ruby has visited in her travels:

  • Pallet Town
  • Rifure Village
  • Stone Town
  • Lavender Town
  • Port Sapphire

Landmarks, Forests, Mountains, Lakes, etc. Edit

The following is a list of the various landmarks, forests and similar locals Ruby has visited or seen:

  • Lake Verdant
  • Viridian Forest
  • Mount Moon

Routes Edit

A route in the Pokemon world is a wilderness passage permitting Trainers and others to travel between cities and towns with relative ease. Most connect two major cities or a landmark location with a major city. Some roads are so long they are comprised of two or more routes that connect at a certain landmark. Vehicular travel is prohibited along the routes, and Routes are the only place where a Trainer can legally capture Pokemon, except under certain circumstances. A route will sometimes have small rest stops or even Pokemon Centers found along the road. These tend to be congregating areas among passing trainers.

All routes have a Capture Limit, or the maximum number of Pokemon a trainer is legally allowed to capture. This is due to national conservation efforts. Routes are numbered. Kanto and Johto share a Route system, with 48 consecutively numbered routes, with Routes 1-28 in Kanto and 29-48 in Johto.

Other regions and countries around the world can number or label their routes differently and many other regions have different laws concerning battling, camping and capturing Pokemon.

The following a list of the Routes Ruby has seen and traveled throughout her journey:

  • Route 1
  • Route 2 South
  • Route 2 North
  • Route 3